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Focusable LED??

Well, the rumors are true...

After a few years of prototyping and testing, we are proud to announce the release of our focusable LED: The 32w VF LED. I'll wait for you to bask in its 4000 lumens of awesomeness...

Ok, that's enough basking for now. This light head is not only focusable, but variable as well (hence the VF), putting you in complete control of brightness and power consumption. And the best part: when tightly focused, the beam remains a proper circle, and doesn't turn into an annoying square. The 32w VF LED is available with all of our battery sizes and in sidemount, so whether you're an intro to cave diver or a seasoned explorer, there's a appropriate burn time and mounting configuration available for you.

Utilizing the same Cree emitter and custom reflector as our other 32w LED lightheads, this head boasts 4000 lumen at 6500 kelvin color temperature on the brightest setting. Diving smaller cave or trying to conserve battery? Just dial it down.

Here's how it works: to focus, simply turn the nob to your desired beam tightness. To change the level of brightness, press and hold the Piezo to reduce the light output. Tap the Piezo to bring the brightness back up. At the lowest setting, press and hold the Piezo to turn the light head off. To turn it back on, simply tap the Piezo. To access the SOS mode, press and hold the Piezo to shut the light off, then press and hold again until the lamp begins flashing. To get out of SOS mode, press and hold the Piezo for five seconds to shut the light off, then tap the Piezo to turn it back on.

Check out some specs:

Level 5 - 4000 Lumen Level 4 - 2200 Lumen Level 3 - 1000 Lumen Level 2 - 160 Lumen Level 1 - 25 Lumen

If you'd like to see some burn times, that can be found here. Or if you'd like to purchase this light head, that can be done here, or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

Like everything in our arsenal, this light comes with a three year manufacture's warranty. We will repair or replace a product due to material or workmanship issues. And as always, our lights are all proudly manufactured in the USA and UN38.3 compliant for air travel.

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