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Light Head Makeovers...and Piezos!

You may have heard from the ole Facebook machine and others that the monkeys are at it again...

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. In order to stay at the top of the dive industry in underwater lighting, we revisit our components often to see how we can incorporate the latest and greatest electronics into what we build. At Beneath the Sea show this year, we released to the public our brightest LED light heads to date, and here they are.

12w LED v2.0

12w v2.0 on the right, with its predecessor on the left

Our 12 watt LED is known for being the spunky little sister of our primary LED line. Most often seen paired with the 5.2aH battery, this lamp is lightweight and compact, but offers a 300 minute burn time. Now, let's talk about spunk. Our old electronics put out 750 lumen at a 5600 kelvin color temperature. That's a good amount of light output for 300 minutes on such a small battery pack. But, we don't like to settle. We've been testing a lot of new LED's the past year, and have finally found a new Osram emitter that blows us away. This little lady now boasts 1200 lumen at a 6000 kelvin color temperature. 1.6 times the old lumen output and a bluer color temperature, all at the same 12 watt draw as before. This makes for more natural-looking illumination in caves and a highly visible beam in open water. Paired with our reflector, the 12w still offers the same 6° beam angle as before, providing just enough spill around the edges and that tight hot-spot in the middle for signaling. Weighing in at a lean 2.3 lbs (1.04 kg) dry, this light continues to be perfect for the traveling tech diver as well as the avid, open-water reef diver. ​​If you want to see the specs, check that out here. Or, if you'd like to purchase this dynamite piece of awesomeness, that can be done here or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

32w LED v2.0

32w v2.0 on the right with its predecessor on the left

Eight years in the making, the 32 watt is our brightest LED in the lineup. For those of you that want the biggest and the baddest, this is your light head. Our old 32w electronics clocked in at 2400 lumen, at a 6000 kelvin color temperature...which is bright and wonderful and great, but again, we don't settle. Corey scoured the electronics market for something better, and this is what he found. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the brightest LED Light Monkey has ever released. 4000 lumen at a 6500 kelvin color temperature. This LED smokes most of our HID lights in both brightness AND color temperature. We pair these electronics with our custom-spun reflector and the end result is something you have to see to believe. This light head can be hardwired to any size battery to suit your diving and burn time needs. If you want to see the specs, that can be found here. Or, if you'd like to purchase this light head for yourself, that can be done here, or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

32w Variable LED

32w LED Variable Light Head

You've asked, and we've listened. Introducing the Light Monkey 32 watt Variable LED with five Piezo-controlled levels of output. Utilizing the same Cree emitter and custom reflector as the standard 32w v2.0, at full power, this little head boasts 4000 lumen at 6500 kelvin color temperature. Diving smaller cave or trying to conserve battery? Just dial it down.

Here's how it works: switch the lamp on at the canister, and you're at full power. Press and hold the Piezo to reduce the light output. Tap the Piezo to bring the brightness back up. At the lowest setting, press and hold the Piezo to turn the light head off. To turn it back on, simply tap the Piezo. To access the SOS mode, press and hold the Piezo to shut the light off, then press and hold again until the lamp begins flashing. To get out of SOS mode, press and hold the Piezo for five seconds to shut the light off, then tap the Piezo to turn it back on.

Check out the specs:

Level 5 - 4000 Lumen Level 4 - 2200 Lumen Level 3 - 1000 Lumen Level 2 - 160 Lumen Level 1 - 25 Lumen

If you'd like to see some burn times, that can be found here. Or if you'd like to purchase this light head, that can be done here, or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

Like everything in our arsenal, these lights come with a three year manufacture's warranty. We will repair or replace a product due to material or workmanship issues. And, best part of all, these lights are all proudly manufactured in the USA.

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