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Heater Base

In keeping with our current trend of new product releases, we are proud to announce the Light Monkey Heater Base.

Our heater base top is designed to be worn as a base layer, so whether ice diving in the arctic or decoing in a Florida spring's cavern, this shirt will add minimal extra bulk to your current dry suit setup. The top utilizes a ZeroWind® membrane, making the outer shell windproof and water resistant. The inside is breathable and wicks away moisture from the skin, guarding against more rapid heat loss while in the water.

Two thermal pads, each drawing 20W of power, for a combined 40W of unparalleled efficiency. Unlike traditional heater vests, these thermal pads use a silicone-insulated, carbon fiber heating element instead of wire, so they won't bend and short out over time. The thermal pads plug into your heater bulkhead using an o-ring sealed push-locking connector; this keeps the connection to your battery source locked and secure while diving.

When you're ready to wash your undergarment, the thermal pads are completely removable through two zipper panels inside the shirt. Simply flip the shirt inside-out, unzip the panels, and remove the thermal pads. Be sure to secure the protective velcro strips (included with the top) into place to prevent the fabric from being marred by the landing pads while washing.

If you'd like to purchase this fine article of warmth and toastiness, you can do that here, or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

Heater base tops are sewn by our friends at DTEK in Italy, and final assembly takes place in our Lake City headquarters here in the United States. Shirts are available in sizes extra-small through triple extra-large. Machine wash inside-out with warm water and mild detergent, and hang to dry. Do not tumble dry or dry-clean. Do not bleach. Outer shell is 95% Polyester, 5% Rubber, inside is 100% Polyester. For sizing, check out the specs on our website.

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