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The Light Monkey logo has proven popular with divers, and everyone wonders about the symbolism behind it. In the company’s beginning, the owners were derided as “just a bunch of monkeys building lights.” While their critics see this as a handicap, Joel and Corey see it as a point of pride. From their humble beginnings as “living-room gear modifiers” through the long climb to their current success, they’ve learned a few things. First, remember where you came from, and remember the people who helped you along the way. Second, keep your prices reasonable, and give the blue-collar divers a chance to own the best. Third, and most important, NEVER take yourself too seriously. So, in keeping with their lessons, the logo was born. Joel, the monkey on the left, wants to see no evil (products returning for repair). Corey, the monkey on the right, wants to hear no evil (component price or availability issues). As for the monkey who speaks no evil, well, the boys HAVE been known to talk a little smack in fun; so they didn’t feel right including that one. 

Giving in to customer demand for Light Monkey Logo gear, the company is proud to present the following!

Light Monkey Logo
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