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New and Updated Products for March

I know, I know. We are terrible at posting updates about the latest and greatest products we have to offer. Living in Cave Country with some of the world's most spectacular underwater cave systems in our backyard can be quite distracting! So, without further ado, here's a look at a few new products you can expect to see at Beneath the Sea dive show this year.

Bailout Attachment System (BAS)

Like all of our products, the Light Monkey Bailout Attachment System was designed with the “less is more” philosophy in mind. This compact and streamlined unit replaces the traditional rigid buttplate that is often difficult to reach with a back-mounted rebreather.

Pliable 2" webbing allows your rebreather to be set upright at the dive site without the risk of falling over. And, the 2” D-rings are great for keeping spools and reels out of the way until needed. The design, utilizing two 3” stainless steel O-rings and a grommeted webbing bungee assembly, allows bailout, stage, or even sidemount bottles to be mounted in proper trim. To pull it all together, the slot in the middle allows a crotch strap to be threaded through for an extra-secure, formed fit. The bailout attachment system can be purchased here or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

System includes: 1 – bailout attachment assembly 2 – 40” lengths of 5/16 mil-spec bungee 1 – 14” strip of 2” webbing with grommets 1 – set of mounting hardware

Line Markers

Here at Light Monkey, we are not just gear manufactures, we are cave divers. So when we release a product, we have to know that it is going to stand up to whatever extreme environment we can throw at it. We've all been there...making a jump in the cave, you throw a cookie on the line and it bends (or even breaks!). So. Frustrating. And in the words of Uncle Bill, it just doesn't look professional. These aren't going to do that.

Our line markers are laser cut from a single sheet of Delrin® (yes, that same magical material our lights and reels are machined from), making them stronger and more durable than conventional injection-molded plastic markers. We have three different styles: directional arrows, non-directional cookies, and REM's (referencing exit markers). They are emblazoned with the Light Monkey logo, and best of all, custom engraving is available on all markers (with a minimum purchase of 25 pieces).

Line markers can be purchased here, or at your favorite Light Monkey Dealer.

Keep an eye out for more new releases coming soon, and as always, safe diving!

-Interweb Monkey

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