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  • Corey Mearns

New Products!

Light Monkey just came off a really good week at DEMA, we unveiled several new products that we have been working on for some time, which are all currently available. One of our most exciting new products is the "Pitkin" Drysuit Heater System. This will allow you to control the power to your heated undergarments giving you the option of extending your burn time. We have an option that can go in line between any existing Light Monkey battery canisters with E/O cord. We also have the option of installing the controller in the lid. A short video demonstrating how this works will be coming soon. Click for more info. Also unveiled was a new design for our 2x10 amp canister. We have slimmed the design down to fit into our 3"x11" canister. Click for more info. The Heater Valve is another new product we brought with us to DEMA. It is a low profile drysuit valve that also has a short E/O cord coming out of it. It will fit any existing drysuit with Apeks Inflation valve. Click for more info. There are a couple more new products floating around the website as well. We also have the guys down in the lab working in shifts trying to get some more new product out very soon, check back frequently or like Light Monkey on Facebook to stay up to date.

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