"Pitkin" Heater Controller


The Pitkin Controller, developed by our friend and esteemed cave explorer Andy Pitkin, was designed to go inline between a battery canister and heated drysuit systems. This controller is available as lid-integrated or as a stand-alone unit. A lid with an integrated heater controller will be indicated by a tab of red shrink wrap on the cord. 


When you switch the power on, the output will be at 100%. By toggling the lid switch off/on, you reduce the power that is going to the heated undergarments and extend your burn time. Power levels available are 100%, 80%, 60%, and 40%. To reset back to 100%, simply switch the canister off for 10 seconds.


It is recommended to use a Pitkin integrated battery pack for heated undergarments ONLY. Plugging a lighthead into an E/O inline with a Pitkin Controller will cause damage to your lighthead and potentially void the warranty.