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Light Monkey backplates are machined rather than laser-cut, which eliminates the laser-associated sharp edges. The outer edges, mounting holes, and webbing slots have rounded bevels to add extra protection for your webbing, wing, and drysuit or wetsuit.

Mounting holes are spaced at 11" (30 cm) for mounting to doubles or a single tank adaptor. Holes along the outer edge allow for a number of accessories (such as argon bottles, lumbar pads, bailout attachment systems, and lights) to be mounted directly to it. Two small lengths of bungee attached to the backplate allow the crotch strap to be tucked away for shipping or travel between dive sites.

Our backplates do not include slots for cam bands. We have found that capturing the wing between the backplate and a single tank adaptor makes for more stable single-tank diving.

Made in the U.S.A.

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