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For reference only. Prices and services may vary on a case-by-case basis.

Pressure Test: to 100 meters for 30 minutes

25.00 USD

Burn Test: includes printed report

25.00 USD

Sidemount Upgrade: includes 90° angle lid with cord, and SM strap

150.00 USD

Battery Bulkhead Upgrade: includes o-ring sealed bulkhead

25.00 USD

General Service: replacement of cord, switch boot (or panel jack for twist-head lights), sealing glands, and o-rings

  • Light Monkey Products - 30.00 USD

  • All Other Manufactures - 60.00 USD

Replacement of Electrical Contact Points:

25.00 USD

Replacement of Internal Light Head Components**: 

  • 18w, 21w, 24w HID - 150.00 USD

  • 35w HID - 200.00 USD

  • 50w HID - 250.00 USD

  • 12w v2.0 LED - 150.00 USD

  • 20w LED - 200.00 USD

  • 32w v2.0 ACA LED - 250.00 USD

**cost does not include bulbs or other parts such as housings and lamp covers/glass disks

Replacement of Heat Controller v2.0:

100.00 USD


UN38.3 Upgrade for Compliance with Air Travel Restrictions on Li-Ion Batteries: 

50.00 USD 

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